HX-2 - How to update my HX2 Software

A short guide on how to update and check your HX2 is up to date before traveling.

To update your HX2 Software, tap the software download icon on the main HX2 page (bottom left icon). If there are updates available you will see a numbered red dot on the icon. 

In the below case, there are 2 updates available

Once you have tapped the icon you will be taken to the software update page, Here you can see what software versions you have installed, what versions are available and if there is an update available to download. 

If an update is available there will be an orange button displaying “install now”. Tap on this button and you will get the following message. 


Tap on yes to install the update

Your update will begin to install. 

When your update has finished installed you will be notified. 

Tap on the done button to return to the software update page to begin the next download. 

Once all of your updates are completed, it will look something like this. With no orange install buttons available. And your Current Version numbers will match the Available Version Numbers.