HX-2 - Wi-Fi Reversing Camera

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Hema's Wi-Fi reversing camera used in conjunction with the Hema HX-2 Navigator offers enhanced rearward visibility for drivers and, thus, help minimise the risk of "blind zone" accidents whenever your vehicle is moving in reverse.

This wireless backup camera helps you easily spot vehicles, pedestrians, pets and other hard-to-see obstructions behind your vehicle. 

Suitable for both 12v and 24v vehicles (camera and transmitter are compatible from 9 to 28 Volts).

Key Features

 - COMPATIBILITY - Works seamlessly with Hema HX-2 Naviagtor
 - WIDE FIELD OF VIEW - 160-degree wide-angle field of view; shows what’s behind your vehicle when in reverse 
 - BUILT-IN WI-FI - Built-in Wi-Fi® connectivity transmits live camera view from the reversing camera directly to your HX-2 navigator’s display 
 - WIRELESS RANGE - Transmits camera footage up to 28M away (range varies based on installation)

Key Specifications

Receive WIFI Android OS
Function Power ON 1.0 S
Latency 120ms
Resolution VGA
Frame Rate 30f/s
Video Codec MPEG4
Video in System PAL
Video Output impedance 75Ω, Typ
Video Output Level 1.2 Vp-p, Typ.
S/N 50dB, Min
RF Specification Operation Frequency 2412 ~ 2483.5MHz (WIFI 802.11 g/n)
RF Impedance 50Ω, Typ.
Receiving Sensitivity -89dBm
Output Power 12dBm
RF Bit Rate 11Mbps
Modulation QPSK,16QAM
Channel CH1 to CH 13
DC Power Supply DC 9-16V/200mA
Operating Temperature -20°C~70°C
Storing Temperature -30°C~85°C
Operating humidity Humidity 90%
Others Unit Dimension(mm) 45 x 48 x 15.6mm
Unit Weight Item weight: 50.0g

Packaging Specifications

Release Date: 01/11/21

Box size (WxH):130mm x 55mm

Box Weight: 0.83kg

Suits: Hema HX-2 Navigator

Control: Via HX-2 Camera App 

Note: Initial install of reversing camera needs to be wired by a qualified auto electrician. Following install, the camera operates via Wi-Fi. Wi-fi signal performance can be impacted by obstructions. This device is designed specifically for vehicle use and performance with camper trailers/caravans may vary.


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