HX-2 - How to Update your Offline Maps

A short guide on how to update and check your HX2 is up to date before traveling.

Step 1: Open the left side menu on your HX2 - by tapping the 3 white line icon in the top left of the HX2 

Step 2: scroll down to the new “Check for Map Updates” Option, This will open the Map updates Page, Tap on Check for Updates. This will open a prompt to restart your device in update Mode, Tap The orange Update Mode button to start the update process

Step 3: The HX2 will restart automatically in Update mode, Navigate back to the map update page and tap check for updates, A pop up confirming your update will erase your current maps, Scroll through this warning message and then tap the orange “OK” Button

The HX2 will run through the map updates - This can take upto 15 minutes depending on your internet connection, Once complete a successful message will appear. Tap the orange “OK” button and your maps have been updated. 

Step 4: Now that your maps have been updated you can view them on Off road and Adventure mode. 

If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact us at through the “submit a ticket" button in the top right corner of kb.hemamaps.com or by contacting Hema Technical Support on (07) 3340 00 00 option 1