Quick Start - 4x4 Explorer App

A quick guide on how to set the map to start travelling with the 4x4 Explorer app.

The following guide is to get the app up and running and follow you as you travel, 

For a more detailed guide on the 4x4 Explorer app please check out the 4x4 Explorer user guide. 

To download maps for offline use - please refer to How to download my maps for offline use


Locking your Map

When you first Open the 4x4 Explorer app you will be presented with the Main Map. 

To get the map to follow you on your travels you will need to snap the map to you position. 

On the right side of the app you will see an cross hair icon, Tap this and your map will centre on your current GPS location. 

Now tap the grey arrow above the location icon (to right). 

It will change to an orange colour and your map will turn to face the direction you are traveling. 

Your position marker will now change to a larger arrow.

The map is now set to your position and will rotate and follow you as you travel. 

You can zoom in and out to adjust the position of the map how you like, as long as you do not move your position off the screen, the map will remain locked to you

Now you are ready to drive with the 4x4 Explorer app

Lastly open up the status menu, You can do this by tapping on the orange arrow tab in the bottom centre of your screen 

You will be able to see your coordinates, altitude and speed while traveling.  

Tracking your Journey

One feature of the 4x4 Explorer app is that you can record your travels on the app. 

With the map locked onto your position, tap the record button (an orange circle icon) on the left side of the App Screen. 

The record button will change to an orange square icon 

Now when you drive a coloured breadcrumb trail will be drawn behind you. 

To stop the track, tap the orange square icon and your track recording will stop. And the existing track will display on your main map.