How to Download Offline Maps

To Download maps for offline use you will need to subscribe to a Hema Subscription. There are Paid and Free Subscription Options available.

  1. Open the 4x4 Explorer Application
  2. Tap on the three lines located on the top left to open a side menu.


  3. Scroll down and tap on "Map subscriptions".


  4. This will open a list of available Map Subscriptions, Some subscriptions are a paid subscription you can see this by the price displayed on the right side of the subscription name.


  5. Tap on the name of the subscription you wish to download, and then tap on the orange subscribe button, If you subscription is free you will be taken to the list of state downloads, If the subscription requires payment, your APP store payment window will open and you can follow the app store instructions on purchasing a subscription. Otherwise tap on "View Maps".

  6. Now tap whichever state you would like to download and hit the “Download” Button, The map Download will begin. Once complete the image next to the map will change to an image of a Tick.


  7. Once the state map has finished please close (not minimise) the app and turn off any wi-fi or mobile data on your device. (We are mimicking an offline scenario, to make sure the maps configure and can be used offline)
  8. Re-open the app to let the new maps configure and now you should be able to see detailed maps on the state you have downloaded.
  9. From here if you would like to download other states, follow the steps again. (Remember to turn your wi-fi or mobile data back on)