HX-1 - Hema Cloud due to retire.

Updating HX1, Factory reset warning, Cloud.

As a result of the older technology and mapping becoming redundant, the cloud for the HX1 will soon be retired.

If you own a HX-1 it will continue to work even after the retirement of the old cloud, however there are a number of features that will no longer be available.

The 'Sync' feature on your HX-1 device will no longer be used to back up and store your saved data in the HX-1 Cloud. Any data created on the HX-1 after the retirement of the Cloud will remain solely on the device. 

Furthermore, the Cloud website (cloud.hemaexplorer.com.au) will no longer be accessible, which means you will not be able to view, edit, and export your saved data or add data (such as routes) from the Cloud to the HX-1. You will also no longer be able to view and download other users' shared data. 

There will be no more 'Explore' map updates or releases; however, 'Drive' map updates will still be available (https://kb.hemamaps.com/hx1-drive-update-instructions).

The functionality for viewing 'Explore' maps while connected to Wi-Fi or downloading segments of the map for offline usage will be removed, so it is recommended that you download as many relevant map segments (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pL8bNnNjGvE) as possible before the Cloud's retirement. 

Finally, please note that there will be no software updates, bug fixes, or feature additions for the HX-1 in the future.


Please do not run a factory reset on your HX1. This will result in the loss of POI and the search function from the Explore maps.

To save your data from your HX1 to your PC or transfer to the new cloud please follow these instructions: