HX-1 - How to update your Drive maps (Subscription/License Expired)


Tapping on the Check for Updates Now button from Device Settings will not update your Drive maps. This button updates the system for the HX-1 as well as the Explore program. To update your Drive program, please see below.

Before you try any of these steps, please make sure you're connected to WiFi. If you need assistance in doing so, please have a look at this article here.


First of all, open up your Drive program.

1. Tap on the three orange lines on the bottom left and hit "Updates" on the right.

2. Tap on "Maps of Australia, New Zealand (with 4WD routing)"
3. Check for available downloads and download & install, if they are any.
4. You could also download and install the latest Camps and language update as well.

If you see "Subscription/License Expired!"

Your HX-1 comes with three years of free updates from your date of purchase. If this period of time is over, then you will see "Subscription/License Expired!" All that means is that your free updates are over and you are now on paid updates. In order to update your Drive program again, you will need to plug your unit onto a Windows computer and download the Naviextras Toolbox. Please see below attachments on how to do so.


1. How to install toolbox


2. How to start using toolbox


3. Purchasing digital content in Naviextras Toolbox


4. Map purchase through Naviextras portal




You'll still be able to use your unit as normal, you just might not have the latest Drive map updates. 


To check what Drive map updates you're currently on:

  1. Open the Drive program.
  2. Tap on the three orange lines on the bottom left.

  3. Scroll down from the menu and tap on About.
  4. Then Content.
  5. Scroll down and tap on Maps.
  6. Here you should see Australia ****.Q* (E.G. Australia 2021.Q2)
  7. This will show you what year and quartely map update your Drive program is currently on.