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HX-2 - V1.4.8 Update Release Notes


Note: As part of this version release, please also do additional updates via the link below.




Hema is very pleased to announce the release of a major software update to the HX-2 GPS Navigator. Known as V4. This update, which includes a significant enhancement to HERE’s on-road navigation and routing, has improved the responsiveness and reliability of the HX-2. 

At the same time, we have continued to update the data in the off-road maps with over 20,000 km’s of updated/new off-road tracks and have included our latest printed maps; Queensland State, Tasmania State, Outback Queensland and K’gari / Fraser Island as additions in the Adventure Maps section of the GPS.

Outlined below is a detailed description of the changes you will see in release 1.4.8, the most significant changes include:

  • ON-ROAD SECTION - Updated to the latest HERE SDK which means significant performance improvements plus the latest HERE maps, improved routing and map visuals (including 3D landmarks)
  • OFF-ROAD SECTION - Improved speed and reliability of the off-road maps, plus new labelling (one way arrows on tracks plus differentiation between locked and unlocked gates) and over 20,000 km’s of updated roads and tracks.
  • ADVENTURES MAPS - added in a revised Queensland State Map, Outback Queensland, Tasmania State Map and K’gari / Fraser Island Maps, all now available in the Adventure Map collection of the HX-2.

A special thank you to those involved in the Hema Alpha Program who make a huge contribution to ensuring we have the best maps in Australia; Peta & Andrew Murray, Flynn Drage, Lyndon Kettle, Andrew & Renee Derry, Ian & Julie Glyde, Ben & Hayley Carceller, Kev Smith & Sally Turner, Sara Watkins & Steve Ramsay, Isabelle Kranhold & Jeremy Wilson, Glenn Marshall. If you would like to find out more information about joining our Alpha Program please visit our Alpha Maps page on our website at this link.


Summary of feature changes:

Platform Improvements - HERE On Road Map

  • Updated to the latest HERE Navigate SDK (v 4.15) which includes the latest HERE data and maps and includes significant improvements in performance and map visuals 
  • Option under On-Road settings to disable HERE POIs (this option for HEMA POIs was an existing feature)
  • When toggling POIs on/off, it will also show/hide HERE POIs
  • In On-road mode, we’ve added a compass that shows the map rotation. Tapping that button resets rotation to zero (feature similar to existing in Off-road mode).

Map Data Updates and Visual Improvements - Offroad Vector Map

  • Over 20,000km of roads and tracks updated in rural and regional Australia including latest HERE road data in city and urban areas for all states.
  • Alpha track updates throughout Australia with significant updates in WA and Central Australia.
  • One way arrows added to tracks - refer to image 1 below
  • Updated track notes added from Hema’s Map Patrol and Alpha Users 
  • Differentiation between locked and unlocked gates - refer to image 2 below
  • Improved sand area style - refer to image 3 below
  • Improved state border labelling
  • Improved state border style - refer to image 5 below
  • Updated localities
  • Updated national parks
  • Updated marine parks
  • Updated aboriginal areas
  • Updated suburbs and urban centres
  • Other minor fixes


Map Updates - Adventure Maps

Since our last release, we have added the following maps to our Adventure Map collection available in the HX-2:

  • Outback QLD - Main Map
  • Outback QLD - Bladensburg National Park
  • Outback QLD - Carnarvon Gorge
  • Outback QLD - Currawinya National Park
  • Outback QLD - Diamantina National Park
  • Outback QLD - Idalia National Park
  • Outback QLD - Mt Moffat
  • Outback QLD - Salvador Rosa and Ka Ka Mundi
  • Outback QLD - Blacktown National Park
  • Fraser Island - Main Map
  • Fraser Island - Central Station
  • Fraser Island - Mid Fraser
  • Fraser Island - Rainbow Beach
  • Queensland State Map
  • Tasmania State Map
  • Tasmania - Around Zeehan
  • Tasmania - Hobart Region
  • Tasmania - King Island
  • Tasmania - Southwest National Park
  • Tasmania - Freycinet National Park

Subscriptions - Camps 12

We are very pleased to announce that there is now a Camps 12 subscription available for the HX-2, joining our Rooftop Maps and Meridian Maps subscription offers. The Camps Australia Wide POI dataset has one of the most comprehensive lists including unique outback and remote camping sites, farm stays and show grounds, national park and state forest sites, selected caravan parks, pet friendly sites and more across Australia. 

The full offer of subscriptions available in the HX-2 is as follows:

  • Camps 12 - $49.95 (inc GST) per annum
  • Rooftop Maps - $99.99 (inc GST) per annum
  • Meridian Maps - $49.99 (inc GST) per annum

These can all be purchased via Hema Maps Cloud under My Account/ My Subscriptions.

Development Updates 

Here on-road navigation - As noted earlier, following extensive work with HERE under the V4 Major Upgrade we have moved from the HERE Premium SDK (3.x) to the latest HERE Navigate SDK (v 4.15).

Hema Cloud (https://cloud.hemamaps.com/) - We are continuing to roll out improvements to the Cloud to make planning your trips and tracks as seamless as possible. In recent weeks, we have made some significant enhancements in this space.

Reversing Camera - Hema now has two reversing camera options that are compatible with the HX-2; the standard reversing camera (suitable for sedans) and the ‘Heavy Duty’ reverse camera with increased range to offer a solution for those who would like to use their reversing camera on a caravan or camper trailer. You can purchase both reversing cameras on the Hema Maps online store.


Images showing before and after changes to the Offroad Vector Map:

Image 1 - Before - After: Before/After: One-way arrows on Tracks added



Image 2 - Before/After Locked Gates are shown in a red colour


Image 3 - Before/After Improved style for sand areas

Image 4 -Before/After State Border style was made more prominent at smaller scales