HX-2 - Recovery Mode Reset

As a last resort, if your HX-2 cannot boot at all you can try a factory reset from recovery mode.

WARNING: This will erase all data on your device

If you are not comfortable with this process, please submit a ticket to send your unit in to Hema for servicing.

To perform this reset:

  1. Hold the brightness up (left button) and power buttons until you see the boot menu (usually 10-15s)
  2. Use brightness up to scroll to [Recovery Mode] and use brightness down to select it. This should take you to a larger menu.
  3. Use brightness up/down to scroll to Wipe data/factory reset and use the power button to select it.
  4. Confirm you wish to proceed using the same controls as step 3.

The unit should now reboot, once this is done you'll need to install all updates again, instructions for this can be found here.