HX-2 - "No route found"


The most common reasons for seeing this message are:

1. No satellite signal.

2. Map/software version mismatch.

3. Connected to wifi with no internet.

4. Route preferences

1. No satellite signal.

If the HX-2 hasn't been able to get a GPS fix for some time, attempting to navigate will fail as the unit cannot give directions without knowing its current location.

To check the satellite signals, you can tap the satellite icon show below. A red line through this icon would indicate the unit does not currently have a GPS fix.

2. Map/software version

To check this, first make sure you are connected to the internet, then look for the software version in the bottom right of the home screen [1], this should be v1.5.5.
Next, press all apps [2] and choose check for map updates.

Here you want to press CANCEL, if you have that option, or OK otherwise.

Your current map versions will then be displayed. If your on-road map version shows none, or any version before v93.93, this will cause issues with offline maps and navigation.

From this same page you can update your maps, for more information about the full update process see this article. HX-2 - V4 Major Release Update.

3. Wifi no internet

If your HX-2 is connected to a wifi network, but that network has little or no internet connectivity, your unit may attempt to use online search, navigation, and maps.

If the unit does not receive a response in time, it will say it has failed to find any results/route.

You can check if a network is connected with no internet by opening the wifi settings, and looking for the 'Connected, no internet' message show below [1].

To avoid any wifi issues, turn off wifi entirely with the 'Use Wi-Fi' switch [2].

4. Route preferences

If certain route preferences are turned off, this could also cause the unit to display "No route found".

E.g. If the place you're navigating to can only be reached by "Dirt roads" and you have it turned off, then it won't be able to find a route for you.

To edit your route preferences, head to "App Settings -> On-road mode -> Turn by turn options -> Avoid"