Where can I get compatible 3rd Party maps from?

The 4WD Mode on the Hema Navigator product line uses OziExplorer software.

OziExplorer maps on mobile devices need to be in one of the following two formats to function:

  • OZF
  • ECW

ECW files will work on mobile devices such as the Navigator, but do not perform as well as OZF files.

Below is a table with some links to suppliers of OziExplorer maps files, which might help if you are looking for extra content for your Navigator.

Name Description Link
ExplorOZ EOTopo Map A set of seamless Australia-wide maps available in OziExplorer format (amongst others), at a variety of scales. of most interest for use on the Hema Navigator product line would be the 1:200000. http://www.exploroz.com/Shop/ExplorOz+EOTopo_200K.aspx
Festy Maps A collection of NSW (1:100k and 1:25k) and VIC (1:50k) maps offered for free download by this generous person. http://maps.festy.org/


Each OziExplorer map generally consists of a pair of files (.MAP and .OZF).

If you download maps contained within a ZIP file, they will need to be unzipped before use.

This information is provided as a service only. We cannot guarantee quality and or suitability for your purpose of the map sources listed above.