What happens when you come across inaccuracies in mapping data?

You may come across inaccuracies in mapping data from time to time.

Examples of inaccurate data may be:

  • Road name incorrrect
  • Road path incorrect
  • Speed Limits
  • POI location

The best thing to do before anything else is to make sure your maps are up to date. If you have not updated your maps, please check on this Knowledgebase for information on performing updates.

The mapping in the Navigator products is provided by HERE Maps (formerly NAVTEQ). HERE Maps are constantly updating and improving the data which the map is based on.

If you find any inaccurate data, please report it directly to HERE Maps (re-branded as HereWeGo) using their website. 

Click the following link https://mapcreator.here.com/mapcreator to open the website, then tap on the top right corner of the page where you can either 'Sign In' or 'Register for a Here account' to report inaccurate data.


Please do NOT report street mapping inconsistencies to Hema, as there is no action we can take to resolve the issue directly.


When you program a destination or route into the street Navigation function of the Navigator, the software will make an estimate of the time at which you will reach your destination (known as the ETA) and / or the time before you reach your destination (known as the ETE).

These estimates may be some time out at the beginning of the trip, but will be fine tuned and become more accurate as the distance traveled increases.

If the time estimate is not 100% accurate, do not be alarmed. No time estimates are ever 100% accurate.