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HX-2 - V1.2.6 Update Release Notes

18 November 2021



Since the August release of Hema’s HX-2 GPS Navigator, the Hema-X development team and our mapping teams have been hard at work continuing to make enhancements to the maps and functionality of the unit.

October will see the first major update of the maps. Outlined below is a detailed description of the changes you will see in release 1.2.6, the most significant changes include:

  • Over 13,500km of new and updated tracks processed by the Map Patrol & mapping team
  • Improved Off-Road Vector Map styling 
  • New Nullabor Maps added to the Adventure Maps
  • GPX handling enhancements to allow import / export of GPX files

Please note: The map update will replace the existing Offroad map and Adventure Maps. Based on customer feedback, the Adventure Maps preloaded will be scaled back to the latest iconic map series. Other Adventure Maps will still be available on the device but these will need to be downloaded (via wifi) for offline use. We advise this is done prior to departure.

Summary of feature changes:

Map Data Updates - Off Road Vector Map

  • About ~13,500km of roads and tracks updated in rural and regional Australia including latest Here road data in city and urban areas for NT.
  • The Hema Map Patrol’s fieldwork trip to Central Australia generated significant track updates including; Hay River Track and QAA line.
  • Alpha track updates throughout Australia with significant updates in Northern Territory, Queensland in particular Cape York and Tasmania.
  • Updated and added Level 13 zoom (including changes to larger water bodies - e.g.Borradaile Plains, TAS)
  • Updated/fixed National Park and native title data - e.g. Conondale NP
  • Updated lighthouse names - e.g on Kangaroo Island

Map Styling Updates - Off Road Vector Map

    • Track labelling - Label for track classification symbols has improved (showing up at earlier levels), track labels not so jagged and tidied alternative road names and tourist route names (refer to Image 1 below)
    • Hydrology Layer - Updated and expanded hydrology layer (refer to Image 2 below)
    • Water features - Updated water features including; fixed missing non-perennial and perennial watercourse areas, windpumps and waterholes and style for ‘subject to inundation’, saline coastal area more visible (refer to Image 3 below)
    • Mountain labels - Fixed non-named mountains label heights (refer to Image 4 below)
    • Aboriginal areas - Centre line of Aboriginal, IPA, Heritage, Native Title area thicker in lower levels (refer to Image 4 below)
    • Border labels - Updated locality and border labelling (refer to Image 5 below)
    • Railway symbols - Improved railway symbols and visibility of railway lines - thicker and darker and The Ghan railway tracks pushed into a higher zoom (refer to Image 6 below)
    • Motorbike Tracks - Added Motorbike only tracks (refer to Image 7 below)
    • Walking Tracks - Updated walking track and grid/gates symbology (refer to Image 8 below)
  • Grids and Gates - Visibility of grids and gates improved - slightly bigger with outline (refer to Image 8 below)
  • Seasonal Track Closures - Highlight Seasonal Closure tracks additional to labelling 
  • Other minor fixes/improvements


Map Data Updates - Adventure Maps

  • New Nullarbor Maps added (available for download):
    • Nullarbor Plain - Western Map - Kalgoorlie to Border Village
    • Nullarbor Plain - Eastern Map - Border Village to Port Pirie
  • Re-released South East New South Wales Maps added (available for download)
  • New Australia and Australia Road and Terrain added (preloaded)


Development Updates

  • Useability - additional ability to import directly from a SD card now
  • Features Trips / tracks capability - sync from the Hema Cloud
  • Handling larger/better fonts for users
  • Quicker UX for search
  • Better Menus/icons for Filter
  • Waypoint Centering
  • Coordinates in UTM etc now and much better capability
  • Drive mode - larger bar now hidden
  • Ability to lock user location
  • Day/night mode for gpx bar
  • Sunrise/Sunset display on my location (if connected)
  • Auto hide buttons

Adventure Map Changes

Based on user feedback (in relation to navigation of the Adventure Map series) we have scaled back the amount of pre-loaded raster maps to our new Australia Large Map, Iconic Map Series and Great Desert Tracks range as outlined below:
  • Cape York
  • Central Australia North
  • Central Australia South
  • Flinders Ranges
  • Fraser Island
  • High Country Victoria Eastern Sheet
  • High Country Victoria Western Sheet
  • Pilbara
  • The Kimberley
  • The Red Centre
  • Top End and Gulf
  • Great Desert Tracks - North Central Sheet
  • Great Desert Tracks - North East Sheet
  • Great Desert Tracks - North West Sheet
  • Great Desert Tracks - Simpson Desert
  • Great Desert Tracks - South Central Sheet
  • Great Desert Tracks - South East Sheet
  • Great Desert Tracks - South West Sheet

All the remaining Adventure Maps (including the new and updated Adventure Map outlined above) will still available free of charge but will need to be downloaded (via wi-fi) as required prior to any trip.

To download the map or maps your require simply follow the following instructions:

  • Make sure you are connected to the internet (via Wi-fi)
  • Ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of the software (1.2.6) - you will receive a notification for this or can download directly from the HemaX Update Manager.
  • In the top left menu drop down, select Map
  • Choose the map you wish to download from the map subscription (please note that these maps will be available to download from Wed 24th November 2021).

Images showing before and after changes to the Offroad Vector Map:

Image 1 - Before - After: Improved track labelling

Image 2 - Before - After: Updated hydrology layer


Image 3 - Before - After: Updated water features


Image 4 - Before - After: Updated mountain label and Aboriginal layer

Image 5 - Before - After: Updated localities and border labelling

Image 6 - Before - After: Updated railway symbols






Image 7 - Before - After: Added motorbike tracks

Image 8 - Before - After: Updated walking track and grid/gates symbology