Quick Start - Off Road Mode

A quick guide on how to get Off-Road ready for travelling.

Off-road mode is an Australian Wide Interactive map, and can be used to view the terrain and scope out areas you wish to visit. To have the Off Road Mode follow you as you travel you will need to snap the map to your position. 

Tap the Location icon in the top right corner. The icon will display orange, and your position will be centered on the map and marked by a blue marker. 

Here your marker will turn in the direction you are traveling but your map will be north up. 

If you wish the map to face the direction you are traveling, 

Tap the location icon again,

It will display as an orange triangle, and your map will spin to the correct direction. 

At this point you can zoom in or out on the map to the level of detail you desire, this zoom level will remain throughout your trip. Until your unit is shut down or you change it. 

Quick Track

A feature of the HXD3 called tracking allows you to draw a breadcrumb trail as you drive. 

After your map has been snapped to your position, open the orange tab at the bottom centre of your screen.

This will open the tracking menu, 

Tap on the quick track button and your track will start with default details, 

The start tracking button will change from “start tracking” to “stop tracking” 

As you travel a coloured line will be drawn of your journey. 

When you reach your destination, tap the stop tracking button, you can view and access your freshly recorded track from the tracks menu.