Quick Start - On-Road

A Quick guide to get you to a desired address on the HXD3

When you first select on road mode you will be taken to a map. 

You would use on road mode when you have an address you wish to travel to.

To Search for an address tap on the magnifying glass icon on the top black bar of on road mode. 

This will open the search menu.

Tap in the search bar at the top that says “search here”

Your keyboard will pop up. Begin to type in your desired address. 

When typing your address search results will appear, you desired location may appear before you have finished typing in the full address.

when your appears tap on the address. 

Your route to your location will be generated.

Tap the orange start button on the right to begin navigating your route.

Now you are all set to drive to your location. 

If you wish to stop navigating, tap the orange stop button on the right side. 

If you reach your destination the navigation will automatically end.