Quick Start - Adventure Mode

A quick guide on how to choose your best map and snap the map to follow you in Adventure mode on the HX2

For a more detailed guide on adventure mode please check out the HX2 User Guide.

When you first open adventure mode you will be greeted with a default Australian map. 

To change your map, tap on the map layer icon in the top left corner. 

Here you will be greeted with a few options, Tap on the grey arrow under print maps. 

You will receive a list of the available maps. 

The quickest way to find a good map for your travels is to select the orange filter icon and select My location in the filter options. 

Now your list will only display maps for your current GPS location. 

Tap on your desired map so that an orange tick is displayed to its right. And then tap done to display the map. 

Your chosen map will now be displayed. 

We will now set the map to follow our journey. 

Tap on the location icon once in the top left corner. 

The location icon will now display orange and a Blue arrow will mark your location centre on the map. 

While the location icon is orange you will remain centered on the map as you drive. Your map will remain North facing. And the arrow will point in the direction you are traveling in.

And you are ready to travel in adventure mode. 

If you tap the location marker again your map will turn in the direction you are facing. Which may be useful for finding your bearing, but the adventure map text will remain up which may be difficult to read.