OziExplorer - How do I clear "The track file may be corrupted" error message?

Sometimes, when starting OziExplorer, it may refuse to start with an error message of:

The track file may be corrupted

If this happens, it is best to delete the file. Once this is done, and OziExplorer is restarted, it will create a new file for you.

Do the following:

  1. Make sure you are not running OziExplorer (4WD mode) on your Navi. Ie. Ensure that you are at the Main Menu of the Navigator.
  2. Connect your Navigator to your PC in USB Mode (hit the left-hand BLUE icon on the Navi screen when first plugged in)
  3. Click on “My Computer” (WindowsXP) or “Computer” (Windows Vista or Windows 7) on the start menu.
  4. Browse to the internal memory of the Navigator. (This will be the drive letter which contains the HNOZI folder)
  5. Look in the HNOZI\Data folder
  6. You should see a file called ceTrackTail.trb in this folder.
  7. Delete that file.
  8. Disconnect your Navi
  9. Start OziExplorer (4WD mode) on your Navigator. It should not complain about the corrupt track file after this, and will create a new file automatically for you.