OziExplorer - Camps Aust Wide POIs on the Hema Nav

The Camps Australia Wide POIs have been made available for the OziExplorer software via the GPSOz website.

They are supplied in OziExplorer Name Search format.

They can be used on any model Hema Navigator.

They are available by paying a small amount, and then downloading the content to your PC.

Click below for the direct link to the GPSOz website


GPSOz should provide instructions on the use of the Name Search files.

The download is normally supplied as a ZIP file.

On the Hema Navigator, on the INTERNAL memory, there is a folder called HNOZI. This is where the OziExplorer software is installed.

Under the HNOZI folder, you will find a folder called Name Search.

All you need to do is copy the .names files into that folder. There is a separate .names file for each Australian state, containing the Camps POIs for that state.

Using the Name Search function in OziExplorer on your Navigator, you use the LOAD button to load the required names file which you wish to use.