Adding extra OziExplorer 4WD maps to the Navigator

Remember, OziExplorer maps usually consist of either ".ecw" files, or a pair of files consisting of a ".map", and a ".ozf2", ".ozf3" or ".ozf4".

OZF maps are generally better performance wise than ECW on mobile devices (such as a the Navigator).

If you have acquired some additional OziExplorer maps which you want to put on your Navigator, follow this process:

  1. Take the SD card out of your Navi
  2. Put it into a card reader on your PC
  3. Create a new folder UNDER the OziExplorer Maps folder on the SD card (called something like "ExtraMaps",  "MyMaps", "RooftopMaps" etc. - name the folder so it means something to you)
  4. Copy the maps to the newly created new folder
  5. Put the SD card back in the Navigator after the copy finishes
  6. Start OziExplorer (4WD Mode)
  7. Go to the Maps page, and tap on the Index Maps button (the software should do this manually, but you can perform an index any time you want)

Your maps should then be available.

The trick is to make sure they go in the "OziExplorer Maps" folder on the SD card, that way the software knows where to find them without modifying the configuration.



You can also copy the maps to the SD card while it is in the Navigator.
If you intend to do this, make sure you are connected in USB Mass Storage mode, as copying large amounts of content using Sync mode will always be much slower than Mass Storage mode.