No sound from internal speaker?

If there is absolutely no audio coming from the internal speaker in the Navigator, there are two likely options:

  1. You have set the volume level to minimum level
  2. You have switched on the FM Transmitter function

When the FM Transmitter is ON, no sound will come from the internal speaker.

To check / switch off the FM Transmitter function


On HN5A / HN5i

  1. Tap the TOOLS icon from the main menu (the spanner icon in the top left corner)
  2. Tap the FM icon
  3. Make sure FM function is switched OFF

On HN6 and HN7

  1. Tap the TOOLS icon from the main menu (the spanner / Screwdriver icon in between the Street & 4WD icons)
  2. Tap the Tools icon (lower-right)
  3. Tap the FM icon
  4. Make sure the Use FM box is not ticked


As soon as FM mode is switched off, audio should come from the Navigator's internal speaker once again.



HN7 units supplied started with batch number 0914 do NOT include the FM Transmitter functionality. The batch number is visible within the unit serial number: