How do I put media files such as MP3, Video or Photo’s on the Navigator?

Remove the Micro SD card from the Navigator and place in an SDHC compatible card reader. Copy your media files from the computer to the relevant folder, located in the Media Files folder on the micro SD card i.e. MP3 files get copied to the MP3 folder.

The media player, Text or Photo viewer on the Navigator will automatically search the SD card for the relevant files and display the SD card as a folder called SDMMC.

Click on the SDMMC folder, click on Media Files then the required media folder i.e. for an MP3 file click on SDMMC>Media Files>Mp3. The MP3 files previously copied to the SD card will be displayed.

Tap the required file to start playing or to display. If using the MP3 player, it will step through the available MP3 files or can be set to repeat.



The MP3 or Video players should only be used when no navigation programs are being run.
Using the players while a navigation program is running will cause slow performance of the navigation program.