Warranty / Repair Return Instructions

The Hema Navigator products have a 12 month warranty from the date of purchase.

If you have a problem with your Hema Navigator and the information on the Hema Navigator website such as video tutorials, user guides and product manuals do not help

  1. If the unit is still under warranty: Please contact the retailer where the unit was purchased for further assistance.
  2. If the unit is out of warranty, or there is user inflicted damage to the unit: Please contact Hema directly via our support system by Submitting a Ticket on our Tech Support Portal. Hema will proviode a quote for service required. Do not return out of warranty units to your dealer.

Your proof of purchase (receipt) will be required when a warranty claim is lodged

If contacting the place of purchase is not possible, please use this ticket system to lodge a support request.

You must Submit a Ticket in our help system before sending the unit back.
  • When you submit a ticket, a unique tracking number is generated and assigned to your case. This tracking number can also be referred to as the ticket number or Return Authority (RA) number.
  • The email address you provide when creating a ticket will receive an email after submission showing the tracking number.
  • Help desk staff will generate a reply within the ticket with return details etc. This will also generate an email which will be sent to the email address provided when you create the ticket.
  • Please write the RA number clearly on the outside packaging.
  • Unless requested by service staff, only include the Navigator in its protective pouch, in a jiffy bag or some other padded packaging.
  • If there is payment required for the service, generally Hema Support staff will call you immediately prior to shipping for credit card details. If you prefer not to use a credit card over the telephone, you can send a cheque when returning your unit, or you can ask the staff to provide our account details allowing you to perform direct transfer using your bank's internet or telephone banking facility. Please do not provide credit card details written down in the package or via email!