Navigating 4x4 Explorer’s v2.0.2 Update

A Guide to New Features

We are excited to announce the latest version of 4x4 Explorer, which has some exciting new features and enhancements. This guide walks you through all the new features in version 2.0.2 so you can make the most of them.

Map Overlays Menu

To provide a cleaner interface with fewer buttons on the screen, all map-related information is now conveniently placed in one location within the Map Overlay menu, accessible by the layers button on the left side of the screen. 

Frame 1000002864

This menu takes up half the screen but can be maximised to full screen by pressing the upwards arrow. Pressing "X" closes the menu. 

Frame 1000002841

  • To choose your desired map style, swipe right to scroll through your subscribed maps and tap on it.

Frame 1000002842

  • We have moved the buttons to show/hide points of interest (POIs), waypoints, and routes to this location to give you a cleaner interface and better map view while driving. You can toggle them on/off by tapping on the buttons.
    • Pressing "Routes" will show all your Track Recordings and Trip Plans. Tap the routes you want to view on the map and press "Done". 
Frame 1000002865
  • Scrolling to the bottom of the menu reveals some map styling settings. These settings let you choose the style and size of your waypoints and POIs and the size of information on the map.

Frame 1000002866

Offline mode 

One feature we’re excited for you to check out is ‘Offline Mode’. Essentially, Offline Mode disconnects 4x4 Explorer from any incoming network connections.

Using Offline Mode comes with several benefits:

  • Improved reliability in remote areas, fixing issues with logging out in low-connectivity areas. 
  • Retain map quality by preventing the app from connecting to weak networks or vehicle accessories.
  • Be able to test downloaded maps in Offline Mode before travelling to areas with limited network connections to avoid inconvenience.

To enter Offline Mode, press the "Offline Mode" button. A banner will display "Offline" or "Online", depending on what mode you're in.

Frame 1000002859Frame 1000002860

If you attempt to enter Offline Mode without downloading any maps, a popup will remind you to download one. 


  • Offline Mode will restrict access to online features and functions, such as subscribing and downloading maps, until you disable Offline Mode.
  • Offline mode will remain activated if you close the app and renter it. 


We've made the process for subscribing to map packages more user-friendly. You can now view more map information to make a more informed purchasing decision. 

  • With the Map overlay menu open, scroll down and press “Map Subscriptions”. You’ll be presented with two tabs: “Maps” and “Add-ons”. “Maps” contains a list of available map subscriptions, and “Add-ons” contains additional content, such as Camps Australia-Wide POIs.

Frame 1000002862-1

  • Press on a subscription you’re interested in viewing. You’ll be presented with information about the map, including state/regions, file size, publish date and updated date.

Frame 1000002861

  • Pressing the button at the bottom, which states the price, will bring up your phone's purchasing menu (if the subscription requires a payment) or, if free, will show you a popup confirming your purchase.

Frame 1000002863Frame 1000002858


We've also streamlined the map download process for improved peace of mind.

  • Access the “Map downloads” page from the Map Overlays menu to download a map.

Frame 1000002850

  • Each map has two buttons: one to download it and another to view its details. When you press the download button, a list of individual map downloads, usually divided by states or regions, will appear.

Frame 1000002852

  • To begin downloading a map, press the download button. If you need to cancel the download, press the cross button. On the left-hand side, you can keep an eye on the progress. Once the download is complete, you will see a tick inside the cloud.

Frame 1000002854

  • Deleting all downloaded maps can be done by pressing "Clear map downloads". The app can still be used while maps are being cleared.

Frame 1000002856

POI filters

You can now save custom POI filters to support your unique travel needs. This process helps increase the accuracy and relevance of POIs on the map screen and reduce the time spent manually toggling POIs.

To filter your points of interest (POI), follow the steps below:

  1. Tap on the filters icon at the screen's top right corner.

Frame 1000002839

  • You'll see a tab with two sections - Profiles and Filters. Under Profiles, you can view your custom POI profiles or a list of Hema-curated POI profiles. Tapping on these profiles will toggle the recording and return you to the map.

Frame 1000002834

  • To create a new POI profile, tap "Create POI Profile" and select the desired POI filters, such as categories/types, facilities, and interests. Once you've chosen your filters, tap on "Save filters."

Frame 1000002836

  • Give the profile a recognisable name and tap "Save and apply" to return to the map with your new POI profile activated. Alternatively, you can tap "Save and continue" to return to the previous screen.

Frame 1000002837 

Recording Widget

We are delighted to introduce you to the new Track Recording menu, which provides greater control over the recording process.

  • Benefit from clearer options for quick recording or continuing an existing one while being able to pause at any time for accuracy.
  • Monitor relevant statistics such as elapsed time, total distance, and average speed to track your journey effectively.
  • The updated recording icon enhances visibility and allows you to monitor your recording status anytime.

To record a track, follow the steps below:

  1. On the main map page, click the record button on the left side of the screen.

Frame 1000002826

  1. This action reveals a menu with a "Quick record" button and a list of your past track recordings. By clicking "Quick record," you can begin a new track recording while selecting a previous track will continue its recording.

Frame 1000002829

  • Clicking either option will bring up a page containing statistics relevant to your journey, such as your current and average speed, total distance, and time elapsed. Clicking the “Pause” button will pause the track recording’s progress and enable you to resume or finish the recording.
    • We recommend pausing your recording anytime you want to skip a section of your route.
Frame 1000002830Frame 1000002832

  1. Clicking ‘Finish” will stop the track recording and allow you to delete the entire recording, resume it, give it a name, or save it for future reference.

Frame 1000002827

The latest version of 4x4 Explorer comes with exciting new features and enhancements that provide a cleaner interface, greater control, improved reliability, and increased accuracy while using the app. We hope you enjoy using these new features and make the most of them while exploring.