HX-2 - How to make the keyboard bigger

If you find the keyboard to be too small, or find yourself accidentally typing symbols sometimes, there are some settings changes that will help with this.

For comparison, here is the HX-2 keyboard before changing any settings.


And here is the keyboard with the recommended changes.


In the second image, the keyboard size is set to 115%, but can be increased up to 150% if desired.


Settings to change:

  • System
    • Languages & input
      • Virtual Keyboard
        • Hema Keyboard
          • Appearance & Layouts
            • Theme → Material Light Border
              This adds the boxes around the keys, making it easier to see the boundaries of each key.
          • Advanced
            • Key long press delay → 700ms
              This affects the time a button can be held before it switches from a letter to a symbol. Default 300ms, max 700ms.
            • Keyboard height → 115%
              This controls the height of the keyboard, Default 100%, max 150%.
            • Hide special characters → On
              This removes the symbols from the keyboard, they can still be accessed through the button in the bottom left corner.

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