In-dash units and other 3rd party devices - Using Hema maps

I have a GPS device made by another manufacturer. Can I install Hema maps on it?

An example of a third-party device might be:

  • An in-dash unit supplied by a vehicle manufacturer, such as Toyota, Nissan etc.
  • An in-dash unit bought locally or overseas
  • A screen mounted unit made by another Australian or overseas manufacturer



Keep in mind that electronic mapping has two basic parts, the maps files themselves, and the software (or app) which is capable of reading the map files.

There are many formats of maps, and software is usually capable of reading only specific formats of map files (sometimes only one format).

It is not as simple as sticking an SD card into a device and expecting the software on it to make sense of the maps it contains!


Hema Maps are available electronically in TWO formats


If you want to use the Hema Maps on any device, it MUST be capable of running either of these two pieces of software.

Both of these pieces of software are available to run under the following operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Windows CE


If your device runs either of these two operating systems, you can obtain the software yourself through the software creators respective websites.


A lot of manufacturers of devices (particularly vehicle manufacturer supplied in-dash units) do NOT allow or want you to modify their system to be able to do this. Modifying the software interface on these devices MAY void your manufacturers warranty, and doing so is at your own risk. 

Support for installing and using the software on your device is available either from your device manufacturer or from the software creators.


Hema do not provide support for the OziExplorer or Memory-Map software on any devices except the Navigator product line, and the Hema Android and iOS Apps.

Mazda BT-50

Mazda offers an in-dash package with certain Mazda BT-50 models which include Hema's maps and OziExplorer software to provide off-road mapping capability.

These units are provided to Mazda by Polaris, and are supported by Polaris.

Please address enquiries and support queries to Polaris directly via their website.

Other options

There are a new range of devices from Zenec which have the Hema maps installed running the OziExplorer software - please see

The products which are available change constantly.

Try searching Google for information related to other devices which may have Hema maps installed on them.