iGO - Why are the keyboard input keys not working or are inactive?

When you use the on-screen keyboard in iGo to enter an address, the software restricts the active keys based on input you have already entered.

Please note the following in relation to entering address searches in iGo:

  1. The state which you are currently located in will be set automatically by the software. If you are searching for an address in a different state, you will need to set the state in the Country field before entering any other search criteria.
  2. When you first see a data entry screen, if there are keyboard keys which are inactive (ie. you cannot select), these are greyed out. They are inactive becuase they do not apply to the current operation.

Typically, when entering a street address, the first thing you might enter is the suburb or town.

In our example below, we are going to search for an address in the town of Roma in Queensland.

Tap the Town / Suburb field.

Note these items:

  1. The Suburb is already set to "Eight Mile Plains". The default value will always be the suburb where you are currently located. (if you wish to select this just tap the big orange tick).
  2. The letter "x" is inactive on the keyboard. This is because there are NO towns or suburn in Queensland starting with the letter "x".

Tap the "r" key. Note that the software has given you a recomendation (in this case "Rothwell") which is based on the proximity to your current location. Also note that the keyboard has now de-activated a good number of keys on the keyboard, as these keys are not legal for the current operation. ie. there is no suburb or town in Queensland starting with the letter "r", where the next letter is "f", therefore, of course, "f" is inactive.

Tap the "o" key. Note that the inactive keys change slightly, as you have now entered "ro".

Tap the "m" key. Now the software instantly displays the Select Town/Suburb screen, as in this case, there is only ONE town / suburb starting with "rom" in Queensland.

Note that the shows your match(es) with the keys you entered highlighted in orange.

Lets see another example. In this case we have typed in "merm", and we see the Select Town/Suburb screen gives us two options in Queensland. Mermaid Beach and Mermaid Waters. Simply tap the desired option.

These same concepts apply to any areas where you enter criteria to search or filter results in iGo.

It is important to realise that if iGo restricts keyboard input, then as far as it is aware, there is nothing matching.

Keeping this in mind, if you enter a suburb (which you might think is correct), but cannot locate the street you expecting to in that suburb, it may be that the street is NOT actually in that suburb (as your friend / family member told you), but is in fact classified as being in the suburb next door, or a suburb with a different name altogether.

In this case, simply skip entering a suburb, and enter the street name instead.


If you enter a street name alone in your search, be patient, as now, rather than searching within a specific suburb or town for the street name, iGo is seearch the entire state, which will be slightly slower.