IGO - Route settings - What is their effect on Navigator?

The iGO software contained within the Hema Navigator creates routes based on internal algorithms and rules, with the addition of taking into account the different options set in the Route Settings screen.

The route created to get you to a specific destination can be dramatically altered by the Route Settings set in your iGO software.

The effect of the different options are listed below

Route Planning Method

Fast [default option]

Attempts to create a route providing the fastest way to get to the specified destination.


Attempts to provide the most eco-friendly route to the specified destination.


Attempts to create the shortest possible route to your specified destination. Be aware that this may attempt to take you down back roads, etc.


Attempts to create the "simplest" route to your destination.

Motorways [default is ON]

When ON, specifies that you wish to allow travel on a road defines as motorway or highway. If you switch this option OFF, the software will attempt to create a route whilst staying away from motorways, which could lead to taking you the "scenic route".

Period Charge [default is ON]

In some areas, tolls are charged on a certain stretch of road based on usage over a set period. ie. you might pay a fixed amount for weekly or monthly access to travel over a certain stretch of road. Switching this option OFF will cause the routing engine to try and avoid any roads defined as having a per period toll applied to them.

Per-Use Toll [default is ON]

Some roads required that you pay a fixed amount to traverse them. If you wish to avoid travelling on toll roads, untick this option. However, be aware that this may lead to longer routes in an effort to avoid travelling on the toll way.

Ferries [default is ON]

Vehicular Ferry routes can be thought of as roads, and can be traversed in the same way. If you switch this option OFF to avoid paying ferry charges, then the routing engine will route you another way to avoid using the ferry crossing.

Unsealed Roads [default is OFF]

These roads are usually defined as gravel or dirt roads which are in sufficiently good condition for a "normal" car to be able to travel on.

4WD Tracks [default is OFF]

These roads are usually defined as rough roads upon which travel in a standard vehicle should generally NOT be attempted. ie. they may be sufficiently rough or difficult that you would need a 4WD to traverse these roads.

Calculate Green Alternative [default is ON]

This causes the routing engine to try and create an alternate route which might use less fuel or be more efficient to travel.


As always, be aware that generated routes may not necessarily be the route you might take.

  • You need to exercise common sense in relation to the route you take.
  • Observe and respect road signage in any given situation (particularly temporary signs warning of transient hazardous conditions such as flood waters, fire, etc.).
  • When in doubt, local knowledge and advice from others travelling in the same location can be invaluable.