iGO - Camps or Caravan Parks are inactive on Find Places menu

This article applies to the following Navigator model(s):
  • HN5i
  • HN6
  • HN7

When using the Camps or Caravan Parks POI feature in the iGO street software on your Navigator, there are times when either or both of the Camps or Caravan Parks Aust Wide POI options are "greyed out" when you go to the Find - Find Places menu.

This happens when you are currently routing to a specific destination, and there may not be any valid POIs along the way to that destination. It is NOT a fault.

Below is an example screenshot showing a test route between Brisbane, QLD and Alice Springs, NT. Note that when on the Find Places menu, there ARE Camps7 POIs along the route we are taking:

Now consider another route, this time between Brisbane and Nambour in QLD. Note that the route we are following does NOT have any valid Camps7 POIs along it. There ARE, however, Caravan Parks Aust Wide POIs along the route, as shown in the example below:

The "No Items" tag on the Camps7 POI item, simply means that there are no POIs along the current route.