I have an Android device - can I use Hema 4WD maps on it?

There are a large number of Android devices available on the market today, including smart phones, small tablets and large tablets.

The Hema Explorer app is available on Android, and there is information about the app available in this Knowledegbase under the appropriate category.

Be aware that the Hema Explorer app uses a new and different mapping technology, and you cannot load OziExplorer or Memory-Map maps into this app!

Hema Raster Map Collection DVDs

The Hema Raster DVD products provide maps in OziExplorer OZF map format.

If you wish to use the maps supplied on one of these discs, you would need to install / license the OziExplorer Android app directly from OziExplorer (http://www.oziexplorer.com.au/)

For information and support related to the use of the OziExplorer Android app, please contact OziExplorer directly through their website.

Tablets etc.

Our experiences with the Google Nexus and Samsung Galaxy tablets have been very positive, although Hema neither endorses nor recommends any particular brand or model of tablet. That bit is entirely up to you!

The best idea is to use Google to search for information, reviews, etc. for the device you are thinking of purchasing.

Be wary of some of the cheaper tablet devices, as sometimes they do not have a functional GPS in them. Or, they may have a GPS, but no compass sensor, etc.

It is important to research the device you are thinking of buying to ensure it fits your needs.

Make sure you research your specific model of device!

Hema's maps are generally available in two formats:

  • OziExplorer (.OZF) files
  • Memory-Map (.QCT) files

Both of these software developers have apps available on the Android platform.


The OziExplorer Android app is NOT available through the Google Play store.

The OziExplorer app is only available directly from their website here:

http://www.oziexplorer.com/ (click on the "OziExplorer Android" link in the blue bar at the left)

There is information about installing the Android app on the OziExplorer website.

Once you have the app, you will need to source some maps to use with the app. One of the simplest ways to acquire a good collection of Australian 4x4 / touring maps is to purchase the Hema 4WD Raster Map collection in OziExplorer format.The basic process for OziExplorer is:

Purchase the maps on DVD in the format you require. eg. Hema Raster Map Set in OziExplorer format

Copy the maps from the DVD to a folder on your Android device called OziExplorer Maps. NOTE: Some Android devices have a microSD card slot for memory expansion. This is a desirable solution, as you can load plenty of maps onto the SD card without filling the internal memory of your Android device.

When you run the Android app on the device, configure it to look in the folder containing your maps. 


Information on the Memory-Map app is available from their website here:


The Memory-Map app is available through the Google Play store.

Once you have either of the apps installed, you can source maps in either of the formats described above to suit your app.

These apps are provided by the developers of the apps themselves, and therefore no support can be provided by Hema regarding their installation and use.



DO NOT contact Hema for support on installation and usage of the Memory-Map or OziExplorer Android apps.  Please contact OziExplorer or Memory-Map directly.