HX-2 - Cannot install software update

Sometimes when a new update is available users will receive an error message saying that “this app cannot be installed”.

To fix this issue you will need to factory reset your HX2 and try the update again. 

Step1: please complete a data sync to back up your HX2 Data, 

Open the left side menu by swiping from the left side on your hx2, scroll down to data sync, and tap on the data sync button. This will open the data sync menu, Tap on the orange “sync now” button and wait for the data sync to successfully complete. 

A successful data sync will display - “Data sync last completed - (today's date)”

Step 2: Complete a factory reset of your HX2 

Open the left side menu again, and scroll down to System Settings, Tap on system settings, this will bring up the system settings menu, Tap on System , then Tap on reset options, then tap on Erase all data (Factory Reset). You will be warned that this will erase your data and if you would like to proceed. To confirm, tap the blue erase all data button.  

Your HX2 will then complete a factory reset and restart 

Step 3: Navigate through the start up windows, Connect your HX2 to WIFI, and sign in to your HemaX account, Open up the software update window and install the HX2 update to the latest Version.