HX-1 - When I try to register my HX-1, it says there is already an account with this user name

If you try to register your HX-1, and you see a message saying
 'This username already exists. Please try again with a different email address'. it simply means that the email address you are trying to use has been used before with the Hema Explorer Cloud.
Please note: When attempting to register your HX-1 and create an account, please make sure that you do not use a space in the password as well as any other special characters. Special character is NOT a valid character to use in passwords within the Cloud account, and may cause issues with the registration process!

If you try to register your HX-1, and you see a message saying:

This username already exists. Please try again with a different email address.

This USUALLY means that the email address you have chosen already exists in the Hema Explorer Cloud (http://cloud.hemaexplorer.com) as a user.

Read this if you are sure you have NOT used the email address as a username for HX-1 registration or Cloud username before!

Occasionally, a network problem might prevent the registration process from completing successfully.

If this happens:

  1. Tap the REGISTER LATER button.
  2. Tap the REGISTER LATER button on the HX-1 Registration panel.
  3. Tap the LET'S GO! button.
  4. Enter the Settings panel.
  5. Scroll down and tap on the Quick Start option.
  6. Swipe across the panels and skip the CONNECT TO WIFI step. (assuming you are already connected to WiFi from your previous attempt)
  7. Enter your username (email address) and password.
  8. Tap the SIGN IN TO MY ACCOUNT button with the username and password you entered.

Otherwise, if you're still having an issue with creating an account.

Hop on our Cloud website by clicking here.

Make an account, then follow the instructions above to try and sign in on your HX-1.

Remember, don't include any special characters in your password!

If you already have an account.

You might have created an account to use with the Hema Explorer app, or previously signed into the Cloud to have a look around.

If you have a Cloud account, but have forgotten the password, go to to the password reset page to reset your password:


When you register your HX-1, it links your HX-1 serial number it to your existing Cloud account if you sign into it.

Simply use the SIGN IN TO MY ACCOUNT button on the HX-1 registration page, and enter your Cloud username and password, and your HX-1 will be linked.

See the Quick Start section of the HX-1 eGuide for more information.

If you continue to have issues registering, then submit a ticket to the Hema Tech Support system here.