OziExplorer - How to switch Course Up mode on or off?

Course-Up mode in OziExplorer rotates the map in the direction of travel.

Normally (and by default), North on the map is always at the top of the screen.

If course-up mode is on, this could mean that the map is displayed upside down. This is not a fault, it is due to the fact that OziExplorer uses raster maps.

To switch on Course-Up mode, first tap the Select Page button.

Then select the Maps page from the Select Page window by tapping it.

The Maps page will open. The example shown below shows that Course-Up mode is currently switched on (as indicated by the green indicator on the Course-Up button).

Maps page

Tapping the Course-Up button toggles between between on and off state.


Once you have changed the setting to suit, return to the page you require, by tapping the Select Page button, and choosing the required page.