HX-2 - How to Save Addresses

The Easiest Way to save an address for quick navigation is by using Waypoints. Once a waypoint in created you can quickly view an address on the map or guided navigate to the address from any mode in your HX2 


To navigate from a waypoint

Step 1: Open the Left Side Menu, and select waypoints. A list of your saved address/waypoints will be displayed

Step 2: Tap on the selected waypoint, amd you will be given a selection of options, 

View on map - will display the address in Off Road mode, 

Navigate to - will auto load the address into on Road mode for quick Navigation

How to add an address as a waypoint

Step 1: Open Off Road Mode, select the Magnifying glass icon and type in the full address, 

The correct result for your address will appear in the search results list, Tap on the Search result and then Tap on View on Map

A Purple Pin will be dropped at the address, tap and hold on this Pin and a window will appear 

Tap on Waypoint out of the 3 options

This will Open the New waypoint Window

Change the name or any other details you would like changed and then tap Save

You will receive a success notification. Tap Ok

Now you can Easily navigate to this address from anywhere in your hx2