Options available when using Naviextras Toolbox to update maps

This article applies to the following Navigator model(s):
  • HN5i
  • HN6
  • HN7

The Hema Navigator models listed above come with a 2-year free map update period as part of their license.

Once this time period has elapsed, the software and current map version will continue to work as normal.

If, however, you wish to update your map, you will need to purchase the map from the Maps section within Naviextras Toolbox.

When purchasing maps you have three options using the Naviextras Toolbox:


  1. Rent-A-Map - this allows you to purchase maps for a 4 week period, and is NOT recommended for the Australian / NZ street maps included with the Navigator.
  2. Buy Current Map - This allows you to purchase the most current version of the map, but does not provide for any future updates. ie. you buy the current map only.
  3. Buy current map, and 1 year updates - This allows you to buy the most current version of the map, but you also get any updates to that map for the next 12 months. This is the recommended option, as it provides the best value for money.