How to download maps purchased from the Memory-Map Digital Map Store?

When you purchase additional maps for the Hema 4WD maps app, there are two ways to make the purchase:

  1. As an In-App purchase. This purchase goes via the Apple iTunes store.
  2. As a direct Memory-Map account purchase. This purchase is made using your account on the Memory-Map website / Digital Map Store.

Once you have purchased extra maps, the maps need to be downloaded to your device.

It is recommended that any downloads of maps be done while connected to high-speed Internet. Maps can be large, and it is not advisable to attempt to download them using your mobile data connection built in to the iPad, unless you are sure you have the speed and data allowance to do so.

There are generally three mechanisms which you can use to download the maps to your device.

Download Maps Along a Planned Route

  1. Create a route covering the area you wish to download.
  2. Open the detailed map you wish to download / activate
  3. Tap on any waypoint which forms part of the route (or tap on the route on the Routes List button)
  4. Tap the Download Map button
  5. Select Along Route, and select the area of map you want surrounding your route
  6. Tap the Start button

Download Maps Within a Focused Area

  1. Using one of the basemaps or a small scale map, scroll / pan to the region / zoom in to focus on the region of interest
  2. Open the Map List, and tap the Blue Arrow button next to the map you want to download / activate
  3. On the Map Details page, tap the Bulk Download button
  4. On the Map Download page, select the area of the map you wish to download using the E-W and N-S sliders
  5. The area which will be downloaded will be focused on the center of the region as it was displayed on the map screen, and will be added to any adjacent part of the map you have already downloaded

Download Maps For a Custom Area

  1. Create a route that encloses the area of map that you wish to download (it does not matter which map or zoom level you are displaying when you do this)
  2. Place the last waypoint in the route close to the first waypoint in the route. (This does not need to be exact, as the area covered will be automatically closed as long as the last waypoint is within a fairly close range of the first).
  3. Open the actual map which you wish to download / activate (nearest a section of the route you created)
  4. Tap on any waypoint within the route, tap the Edit Route button from the popup menu (or select the route on the Routes List page)
  5. Tap the Download Map button
  6. Tap on Enclosed
  7. Tap the Start button

Memory-Map support has more information regarding the download of maps purchased from's on their FAQ site here:

There is a video providing help here (the video is also contained in the article linked above)