How to buy Camps POI for the HX2

Purchasing Camps for your HX2 Navigator.

To purchase camps on your HX2 you will need to do so through the Hema cloud.


On your computer or mobile browser go to:


Click on MY ACCOUNT and then LOGIN.


Enter the same username and password that you did on your HX2 to register it and LOGIN.


Click on your account name and then click on MAPS, ADD-ONS & DEVICES.


Click on Add-Ons


Click on Buy 

Enter your payment details and click on Pay.

Once this is processed you will need to sync your unit to the cloud.

On your HX2 make sure the WIFI is on and it is connected to the internet.

Turning on the Wi-Fi.

Go into the Wifi screen by pressing this icon:

Tap on the button on the right hand side to turn the Wi-Fi on.


When the Wi-Fi is on, the bar at the top turns a Cyan colour and local Wi-Fi signals will be detected. ( The picture shows Wi-Fi signals near me, yours will be different)


Select your Wi-Fi, enter the password and press connect.


If the word "Connected" comes up under your selected Wi-Fi you have been successful.


Now press the arrow in the top left hand corner to return to the previous screen

To perform a data sync on the unit:

From the Home page:

- Tap on the icon containing a cloud with two arrows inside it.

- Sign in if you haven't already done so.
Note: If you do not have an account but do have data you would like to save, make sure to register and create an account first.
- Then tap on the "Sync Now" button.

Once that has finished, then tap on the "Update Now" button For POI, maps & settings.

When that is finished press the orange H in the top right hand corner to return to the main screen.

Go into ON- Road mode

Click on the filters funnel:

Click on Reset all and then Apply

Press and hold on the filter icon until map filters comes up on the screen.

Now if you go back into the filters you should see Camps POI in the list as well.