How do I convert GPS data from one format to another?

If you have data from another GPS or another source which is in a foreign format, it might be able to be converted to OziExplorer or Memory-Map format for use in the 4WD application on your Navigator, or within the 4WD app on the iPad / iPhone.

For example, you may have a collection of waypoints from your old Garmin unit which you want to keep using.

As the Garmin has it's own waypoint format (GPX), it would need to be converted to a format which the software on the Navigator or the iPad understands.

The best tool for this job is called GPSBabel, and it is freely available (make a donation to the author if you wish!) from the following website:

The basic process is:

  1. Specify the input file format
  2. Load the input (source) file
  3. Specify the output format
  4. Select the filename to save the output to
  5. Click the button in GPSBabel which does the conversion.

Normally with a few hundred waypoints etc., it will only take a few seconds to process. 

For a short video demonstration on using GPS Babel, please see this link 



The GPSBabel software is not produced, distributed or supported by Hema Maps, and we cannot provide information on its use or suitability for your particular purpose. Documentation regarding the use of the software is available on the GPSBabel website.