HN7 Navigator - How can I access Media on USB stick in USB Host port?

You can access media (photos, etc.) from a USB stick in the USB Host port of the HN7.


Setting the HN7 USB Option to USB mode for memory stick access will prevent connections to PCs etc. via the standard USB port.  If you use the USB mode to access a USB memory stick, make sure you return the USB mode to the appropriate setting before trying to access the HN7 via a PC connection.


Any USB stick you wish to use MUST be formatted using the FAT32 or exFAT filesystems. The HN7 Navigator will not be able to access a USB stick if it is formatted with the NTFS filesystem.

If you do not know how to reformat your stick with the correct filesystem, please search Google...

The HN7 USB Option screen Must be set to the correct mode to be able to read the USB device in the USB host port

Set the USB Option screen to USB (For USB Flash Drive) ON to use this mode.


Once you have made any changes to settings, to make these changes permanent, you need to save them by tapping the Save Settings button.

Once you have the USB device mounted, you can access the data contained within it by using the Open Media button for the respective player / viewer app as shown below.

Video Player Open file button
Music Player Open File button
Photo Viewer Open file button


In the File browser for the respective player, you will need to browse to the USB Disk folder to access the media stored on the USB device. You need to Double-tap to access each folder.

Whatever folder structure you have on your device should be visible within the respective media viewer / player app.

If the media app does not seem to "see" the files stored on your device, then chances are it is not capable of viewing or playing the media on your device.