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Hema Navigator Explorer - Can't see Waypoints, Tracks or Routes when attempting transfer to Navigator?

If you create data in the Hema Navigator Explorer software, and then try to transfer the data to your Navigator, you might not see any files in the transfer window, or the transfer window does not display.

This can happen if the data files are NOT saved in the correct location. The files need to be in a specific folder for the Hema Explorer software to locate them for transfer.

The correct location for data is

  • Windows XP

C:\Documents And Settings\<Your User Name>\.Hema Navigator\Data

  • Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8

C:\Users\<Your User Name>\.Hema Navigator\Data



The "Hema Navigator" folder name has a DOT (.) in front of it. 

On some computers, the Data folder does not get created at the time that the software is installed, so you simply need to create it yourself.


Once it is created, and you save your files in that folder, the Hema Navigator Explorer software will be able to locate the files, when you go to the "Send to Navigator" options.