Hema Explorer - How do I get to the cloud?

The Hema Explorer Cloud is used in conjunction with the Hema Explorer app.

The Hema explorer app runs on your mobile device.

The Hema Explorer Cloud can be accessed from anywhere you have access to a web browser (ie. PC, MAC, Tablet, Phone)

The idea behind the Cloud is that you can visualise and share the data which you have collected via the app.

For example, you may have create a track log and a series of waypoints with photographs covering a trip you did to Cape York. 6 months later a friend may be doing the same trip. You can share your track log with your friends, which allows them to load it into their copy of the Hema Explorer app on their device. They can also view your imagery and image comments via the Cloud.

You will need to create an account to use the full functions of the Cloud interface. Generally, you will have created an account when you installed and first ran the app on your iOS or Android device (phone or tablet).

If you did not create a cloud account within the app, you can create your account directly using the Cloud Register function

To use the cloud, simply go to the following URL:


There is also a link to the Cloud within the Quick Help page of the app.