Location Services (Android)

Apps which use positioning information on Android devices get this information from the Android Location service.

It is important to ensure that the Location service is switched on, allowing the hema Explorer app to access the service.

Location service settings are accessed from the Settings - Personal pane (under Android 4.4 - other versions of Android may differ) on your Android device.

The status of Location Services (On or Off), as shown below:

You can modify the way your device determines its location using the following options:

  • High Accuracy

High accuracy mode means that the device will use a combination of the in-built GPS, WiFi AND mobile phone network to ascertain your position.

We recommend this mode, as it provides positioning info to apps even when you are not connected via WiFi or Cellular connections.

  • Battery Saving

In this mode, the device only uses WiFi and the mobile (cellular) network to ascertain position.

WARNING - In this mode, if you do not have WiFi or cellular access, your device will not be able to locate itself.

  • Device Only

In this mode, the device uses only the internal GPS circuitry is used for acquiring location.

To summarise:

  • Without Location Services, no apps which use location information (such as a GPS app), can get the positioning information they require to function.
  • It is possible to turn Location Services off and on globally (ie. for ALL apps installed which require its use)

It is important that Location Services is switched on globally, otherwise there is no way for the app to get the positioning information it requires to function correctly.

Also, check the app permissions settings on your device, to make sure that the Hema Explorer app actually has permission to access the Location service on your device.