How do I backup my data from my iPad to the PC?

This article shows where to find and how to transfer any saved data from within the hema 4WD Maps app on your iPad / iPhone. Alternatively you can see Apple's article HERE.

This process is equally valid for all your data within the Hema 4WD Maps app (waypoints, tracks, and routes).

Summary of the process:

  1. Save your data on the iPad / iPhone to an external file
  2. Connect the iPad to your PC / MAC
  3. Using iTunes, transfer the data to your PC / MAC
  4. If you are transferring data to a new / other device, connect the new device to your PC / MAC (make sure the app is already installed on the new device)
  5. Using iTunes transfer the data from the PC / MAC back to the new device.
  6. Reload the saved data file into the app

Start Here

Go to the page in the app which shows the data you wish to save (in this example we are using tracks), then tap the Menu button at top-right

The Tracks menu will appear:

Tap the Save/Email tracks button. The Save File screen will appear. This screen gives you the option of either emailing the file, or saving it on the device.

To save the file to the device, tap the File name field at the top of the page, and enter a useful name (we used "SavedTracks" in our example here).

Tap the Done button when you are happy with your file name. Your data (ALL your track logs) are now saved within a single file on the device.

Now, fire up iTunes on your PC/ MAC, and connect your device to it via the USB cable. Once connected, you should see a little button at upper-right of the iTunes window showing the device is connected. Click this button (be careful NOT to click the EJECT button, as this will disconnect the device from iTunes!).

You will then see the name of your device shown at upper-left of the iTunes window. Click the Apps button in the bar along the top of the window.

Scroll the window down, and you should see the File Sharing panel toward the bottom of the screen. You should see that the Hema 4WD Maps is listed.

Click on the Hema 4WD Maps app in the File Sharing panel. You should then see any data files associated with that app listed to the right.

Click the Save To... button, and browse to a location on your PC/MAC where you would like to store the data file.

The file is now transferred to the location specified on your PC/MAC (the process takes no time at all).

If you just want a backup of your data stored safely on your PC, you are now done.

Transferring Saved Data to a New Device

Disconnect the old device from your PC / MAC.



Make sure that the app is already installed on the new device, otherwise it will NOT be visible within the iTunes apps list for your device.


Connect the new device to the PC/MAC

Click the device button at upper-right of the iTunes window, then click the Apps button at the top of the iTunes device pane (as shown in the section above).

Scroll down to the File Sharing panel within iTunes.

Click on the Hema 4WD Maps app (you should probably see that there are no data files associated with the app at this point.

Click the  Add... button, and browse to the location on your PC/MAC where the data you wish to load is saved (it will be the same folder you stored the data in earlier).

Open the file, and it will be transferred to the new device.

Disconnect the device from the PC/MAC, and start the Hema 4WD Maps app.

Go to the Tracks list screen, which should be empty at this point, and tap the Menu button.

The Tracks menu will appear

Tap the Load saved data button. You will see the Open file screen appear

Tap the data file containing the data you want to load. This data file was previously transferred to your device using iTunes. Now you are about to load the data within the file into the app.

The file content will be loaded into the app, as shown below.

Remember, this same process is equally valid for all your data (waypoints, tracks, and routes).

If you need more help, you can see Apple's article HERE.