Hema Navigator battery life

How long a battery lasts in any given device can be influenced by many factors, including temperature and processing load within the device.

This article is written for the Hema Navigator products, however, the tips generally apply to any device using rechargeable batteries.

Some tips for maintaining the battery health in your device:

  • A battery works best between 0° to 35°C. 
  • If the device is used in temperatures above 35°C, it may permanently damage your battery’s health.
  • As the battery ages, it may discharge faster than when it new.
  • The battery might be damaged if the device is charged while at higher temperatures.
  • It is best to remove the device from the case while charging as the charge cycle can produce heat.
  • Storing a device containing a rechargeable battery in a hot environment can cause irreversible damage.


Possible expected battery life of the different Hema Navigator models is shown below:

HN5A and HN5i : around 3 hours

HN6 : around 1 hour 30 minutes

HN7 : around 1 hour 15 minutes

HX1 : around 6 hours