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Garmin and Compatible Cameras

The Cameras Garmin produces are only compatible with a small selection of Garmin Units, below is the compatibility guide for Garmin GPS units and Reversing Cameras

Garmin Backup Camera Compatible Garmin Navigator
BC™ 40 Garmin DriveSmart™ 51/55/61/65/66/76/86
Garmin DriveAssist™ 51
Garmin DriveLuxe™ 51
Garmin DriveTrack™ 71
Tread® (5.5" models)
dēzl™ OTR700
zūmo XT
RV/Camper 780
BC 50 (compatible with 50-foot extension cable for up to 100-foot wireless range for longer vehicles) Garmin DriveSmart 66/76/86
dēzl OTR610/OTR710/OTR810/OTR1010
All Tread models
BC 35 dēzl 780/OTR800/OTR1000
dēzlCam™ 785
RV/Camper 701/785/890/1090
Garmin fleet™ 770/780/790
BC 30 (compatible with 50-foot extension cable for up to 95-foot wireless range for longer vehicles) dēzl 570/580/770/OTR500/OTR700
RV 660/770/780
Garmin Drive™ 50/51/52/60/61
Garmin DriveSmart 50/51/55/60/61/65/70
Garmin DriveSmart 66/76/86 (adapter needed)
Garmin DriveAssist 50/51
Garmin DriveLuxe 50/51
Garmin DriveTrack 70/71
nüvi® 55/56/57/58/60
nüvi 2407/2408/2507/2508/2509/2609/2709