Entering Co-ordinates Latitude / Longitude.

Latitude / Longitude

Following are instructions on how to input co-ordinates on the AMHXD3:


From the main screen ( On road/Off Road/ Adventure Maps)

Press Off Road

Press Search ( the magnifying glass icon)

Make sure that Lat / Long tab is set to on ( orange, not grey)

In the search bar enter the co-ordinates



Decimal entry:  -27.473589(space)153.519350

DMS:  -27(space)28(space)24.9204(space)153(space)31(space)9.66


Allow it to search and bring up the co-ordinates in the list.

Press the 3 white dots at the end of the address listed.

Select View on map ( or navigate to if you want to go directly to it).

Press and hold on the spot you want and create a waypoint.