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Differences between OziExplorer (Full version) and Hema Navigator Explorer bundled with Navigator

This article explains the differences between the Hema Navigator Explorer and the OziExplorer software.

The Hema Navigator product range is bundled with a program for your WindowsTM PC called Hema Navigator Explorer.

Hema Navigator Explorer is a customised version of the OziExplorer software made specifically for Hema by the developers.

OziExplorer is also available directly from the developers (http://www.oziexplorer.com/).

We usually refer to the version available direct from OziExplorer as the Full Version.

Hema Navigator Explorer

The Hema navigator Explorer PC software is supplied as part of the Hema Navigator package.

It allows you to do a number of things, some of the more useful ones being:

  • Create waypoints, routes and tracks
  • Transfer waypoints, routes and tracks directly between your PC, and the Hema Navigator (while the Navigator is tethered to the PC via USB)
  • Open maps in the OziExplorer OZF format


The OziExplorer software has been around for quite some time.

It has many features, including the ability to turn your PC into a GPS with an attached external GPS unit (Bluetooth, Serial, etc.)

It can create waypoints, routes and tracks and open maps in OziExplorer OZF formats.

The full version of OziExplorer can also calibrate images of scanned paper maps for use with any software which supports the OZF map file format, which Hema Navigator Explorer cannot do.

You might think the two programs are therefore equivalent and equally interchangeable, and to a point that is correct.

If you currently own the full version of OziExplorer, and are familiar with it, and you buy a Hema Navigator, you can use the full version to do the things which you can do in the Hema Navigator Explorer software.

The single stand-out feature which Hema Navigator Explorer has which OziExplorer does not, is the ability to directly transfer data to and from the Hema Navigators.