Book Display Stand

Book Display Stand (9321438002536)

 Setup instructions

The Book Display Stand is delivered in a box that looks like this:

Its contents are made up of three parts:

  1. Display Box


2. Centre Piece 

3. Rear Shelf


PART 1 - Setup the Display Box

1. Pull the end flaps (left and right) into the middle of the base of the Display Box 

2. Hold the flaps firmly down and lift the back of the Display Box up 

3. Pull in towards the middle the bottom flap on each side 

4. Pull up the bottom and insert over the top of the two flaps and through the holes at the bottom

It should now look like this:

PART 2 - Setup the Centre Piece

1. Open up the Centre Piece

2. Bend up the two side flaps

3. Bring up so that the Centre Piece is now prominent with the two side flaps at the bottom:

4. Pull out the end flaps at both ends:

5. Insert the centre piece into the Display Box:

6. Bring the flaps of the Display Box in and over the Centre Piece:

7. Both the Centre Piece and Display Box should now be sitting firmly as per below:

PART 3 - Setup the Year Shelf

1. Fold over the three inserts

2. Bring the Centre Piece together and slot in the three inserts

3. Put the Centre Piece to one side. Construct the Container by bringing up the rear and side flaps. To hold together it is worth taping the ends.

4. Insert the centre piece into the Container.

5. Insert the completed rear shelf into the back of the Display Box.

6. The unit is now completed and products can be inserted into the Book Display Stand.