How many devices can I use a purchased app on?


Purchasing an app from the Google Play Store does not entitle you to install and run the app on an Apple iOS device, and purchasing an app from the Apple iTunes Apps Store does not entitle you to install and run the app on an Android device.

App purchases are made direct from Google and Apple, and do not cross platform boundaries. ie. if you purchase an app on an Apple phone, you would need to purchase the app from the Android Play Store if you wished to also run it on an Android tablet.



If you are going to uninstall an app (any app), be aware that any data associated with the app will be removed from your device when the app is uninstalled. 

If you want to retain data within the Hema Explorer app, you will need to create and login to a Hema Explorer Cloud account, and allow your data to sync prior to uninstalling the app.


The Basics

Both Android and Apple app stores work in much the same way.


  1. You create an account in the Google Play Store / Apple iTunes App Store
  2. You purchase apps
  3. Any app purchased by that account is linked to the ACCOUNT, not the DEVICE on which you purchased the app.
  4. Any other device you subsequently purchase, which is linked to the SAME iTUNES / PLAY STORE ACCOUNT can simply install a purchased app again from the Play Store / iTunes App Store, without paying for the app again.



The app store mechanisms are the same for all apps, they are not unique to the Hema apps.

Multiple Devices

Both iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) app stores allow multiple installations of any app you have purchased.

This works on the assumption that the devices are linked to the same iTunes or Google Play Store accounts.

Of course, this only works between devices of the same type, ie. multiple Android devices, or multiple iOS devices. If you have two different types of devices (say, an Android phone, and an iPad), you will need to purchase the app in question twice - once in each app store.

This is not something which is controlled by individual app developers, but by Apple and Google themselves.

If you purchase a new device, you simply connect your new device to the same account which was used to purchase the apps on the original device, then you have access to them on the new device at no additional cost.

This also applies to subsequent devices (ie. you might have a tablet and two phones). If they are all connected to the same app store account, you can buy the app once, and use it on all three (again, provided that they are all of the same type (- iOS or Android).

Also, if, for some reason, you wish to uninstall an app and re-install it, you can do so without paying for the app again.

It's your ACCOUNT which purchases apps, NOT the device...

Family Sharing

In saying that, Apple and Google have added the ability to use Family Sharing  to allow family members to share various content (including apps) across multiple devices.

See the Apple or Google specific support website for information relating to iTunes or Google Play Family Sharing.



Family Sharing may allow you to share apps, but it generally does NOT allow you to share In-App purchases, and will likely NOT work with subscription content.

Also Family Sharing does not relate to any settings WITHIN an app. ie. Family Sharing has no bearing on which Hema Explorer Cloud account is in use with the Hema Explorer app.

Hema Explorer Pro subscriptions

When you purchase a Pro subscription, it is attached to your Hema Explorer Cloud account, so if you have multiple devices signed into the same Cloud account, they can both access the Pro content.

Replacement Devices

If you want to re-install any app (not just Hema's) on a replacement device, you do not have to pay again providing that:

A. The new device is the same type as the old type (ie. Apple or Android)

B. You are using the same App Store account on the new device which purchased the app originally

With Apple iPads & iPhones, and Android tablets, whenever you buy an app, your purchases are made against your iTunes App Store account (or your Google Play Store account in the case of Android).

What this means, is that in the event that the device:

  • is damaged beyond repair
  • needs to be factory reset
  • goes up in smoke
  • is stolen
  • fails requiring factory reset, etc.
  • is replaced with a new model

As long as you sign the new / replacement / repaired device into the same app store account, all the apps you previously purchased are available to install, without paying again.

It also means that, if you own 10 iPads (say you are the "Brady Bunch"!), ALL connected to the same iTunes app store account, you can install any purchased app on all 10 iPads, and pay only once.

The only caveat here, is that there is no "cross-pollination" between app stores. ie. If you own an iPad app, and you decide to switch over to Android, even if the same app is available, you must buy it again on the new platform.

These things apply to ALL apps, not just Hema's.