How do I enter coordinates in the 4WD app to navigate to?

The only way to go to a particular coordinate is to create a waypoint first, and then edit the waypoint properties and modify the coordinates.

It does not matter where the waypoint you create is located, as we will be changing it anyway.

So go ahead and create a waypoint at your current location.

Then, tap the waypoint handle, and tap the Edit Mark button

Tap in the Position field, and enter the coordinates you want.



What you see in the Position field will depend on the format set in the app settings (under Units - Position format...)

On the iPad / iPhone, tap-and-hold the "0" (zero) key which will allow entry of the degrees ( ° ) symbol.

Once the data is entered, the display changes and shows the degrees symbol in the Position field.

The waypoint will change position to the new location once you have saved it.