HX-1 - I can't sync my HX-1 to the cloud

There are a lot of things to check for if your HX-1 is unable to sync to the Cloud, please look at the following sections below:



Check for Updates

Date and Time

Signed into Correct Account


Finding Corrupted Tracks

Deleting Corrupted Tracks

Password Change

Account Storage Limit


First of all, make sure that you Wi-Fi is connected properly. Without Wi-Fi your account won't be able to sync to the cloud. For more information on checking if your Wi-Fi is connected or not, have a look at this article here.


Make sure you're in the right cloud website. It's possible that your data has been synced already but you may be looking at the HX-2's Cloud website and not the HX-1.

HX-1: Cloud.Hemaexplorer.com

HX-2: Cloud.Hemamaps.com

Check for Updates

Secondly, make sure your HX-1's system is up to date. 

To do this go to:

1. Go to Settings from the main screen.

2. Tap Check for Updates now.

3. Tap the OK button to confirm that you wish to check for updates.

If the Update Manager determines that there are 1 or more updates available, it will download them directly to the HX-1, and display a message to that effect, as shown at (1) below.

If there is no internet connection present, you will see a warning message as shown at (1) below, and the update check will not continue.

If the update check determines that there are no updates pending a brief message will display on the screen, as shown at (1) below.

Once an update has been downloaded to your HX-1, the update manager will prompt for installation of each update package which has been downloaded.

The screenshots below show the process of updating an app via the update manager.

The update manager will display a prompt for each package which requires update, similar to that shown below.

Tap the Install button (1) to begin the update process for that app. The update manager will begin the app installation process, and display a dialogue window similar to that shown below while the installation is proceeding. Tap the Cancel button if you'd prefer to do the update later.

Once the app install process has completed, the update manager will display a dialogue window similar to that shown below.

Tap the Done button to complete the update for the app.


While there is generally no harm in tapping the Open button after updating an app, it is recommended to only tap the Done button after each update completes.

Once all updates are complete, it is recommended to perform a reboot of the device to ensure a clean startup with the latest version of all apps is running.

Date and Time

Make sure that your Date and Time is correct.

1. Go to Settings from the main screen.

2. Tap on Date and Time.

3. Tap on Automatic date & time.

4. You should see this menu pop up.

When this option is selected, you have a number of sub-options.

      • Use network provided time

           Use the time as broadcast by the network your Navigator is currently connected to.

      • Use GPS provided time

           This is the default option.

           Use the time broadcast by the GPS satellite constellation. This is likely the best option                   and will give the most accurate results.

      • Off

           Turns off automatic date & time setting, in which case the manual options on the Date &               Time Settings screen will be used instead.

           Set Date

           Set Time

           The two options above are only used when you are not using either network or GPS                   provided automatic date & time setting. These options are NOT available when the date             and time are being set automatically (either from a GPS or network source).

           Each of these options allows you to manually set the date or time.

Signed into Correct Account

Double check that you're signed into the correct account and that you're on the right cloud website. (We have two cloud websites)

Also check your HX-1 to see what email address you're signed into by going to:

1. Settings from the main screen.

2. Scroll down and tap on Quick Start.

3. You should see this screen.

4. Swipe across 3 times. Connect to Wi-Fi if you haven't already done so.

5. Once you're connected to Wi-Fi, swipe across again and you should see the screen below.

6. If you were previously signed in, you should see a pre-filled email address like the image above. Simply type in your password and tap on SIGN IN TO MY ACCOUNT (1).

7. If you don't see a pre-filled email address, try signing in anyway, but it's likely that you have not made an account and will need to make one by tapping on the CREATE NEW ACCOUNT button on the right hand side.

If you've successfully signed in, you should see the image below.

8. Tap on LET'S GO! to get out of this screen.


Double check on some settings in your Explore program.

1. Hop in Explore and tap on the three white lines on the top left.

2. Scroll down and tap on Settings.

3. You should see the image below.

4. Make sure you check all the following 3 settings:


Account Login

If you have an active Hema Cloud account which is linked to the Explore app, the username will be displayed here.

Tapping the Account Login field will re-attempt login to the Cloud account displayed here.

If you have not registered your HX-1, Account Login will display "Unregistered". If you do see this, look at the Signed into correct account section above to try and sign in.

Sync With Hema Cloud option

If this option is active (ticked), then the app will attempt to sync any changed data when it has an active internet connection. We recommened that you turn this option on.

Last Sync

The Last Sync button shows the date / time that the last successful sync operation was performed.

Tapping the Last Sync button will force start a manual sync operation and display the latest date and time of the sync on the right hand side.


5. Also try to clear the cache by scrolling all the way down and tapping on Clear Automatic Map Cache.

Finding Corrupted Tracks

Corrupted tracks could also be an issue that is stopping you from syncing to the Cloud. 

To have a look at your tracks and determine which ones are corrupted, follow the instructions below:

1. Hop in Explore and tap on the three white lines on the top left.

2. Tap on Tracks.

3. You should see something like the image below.

4. As you can see from the image above, all the tracks are coloured and have tracking lines. If you only see a blank white box.

Test to see if there are tracks in it or not by changing the colour.

Tap the thumbnail adjacent to an entry in the tracks list panels to change the line colour of that item.

Tap-and-drag the dot around the circle to choose your desired colour, then tap the Save button to make your change permanent.

If you change your mind, simply tap outside of the dialog to close it without making any changes.


The left side of the circle will stay on the colour of the current track and the right side of the circle will show you the new colour that you'll be changing to.


If the colour of the track appears instead of staying the white blank box then that's great, you can leave them there.

If the colour stlll hasn't changed after you've saved it, then that means that the specific track is corrupted and that you'll need to delete the track. (See Deleting Corrupted Tracks section below for more information)

Another way to determine if a track is corrupted or not, is if you see a dot instead of a track line.

If you see a dot on a track then that means it is corrupted and that you'll need to delete them. (See Deleting Corrupted Tracks section below for more information)

Deleting Corrupted Tracks


If the normal Delete button doesn't delete your tracks follow the instructions below:


1. Hop in Explore and tap on the three white lines on the top left.

2. Tap on Tracks.

3. Tap on the corrupted track. (See Finding Corrupted Tracks section above if you're unsure on which tracks are corrupted)

4. Tap on the Folder icon (4) 

5. Tap on New and fill out the title and description. (Can just name it TEST)


To move forward / hide the keyboard. Tap on either the Next button or the Arrow pointing to the left button, both located on the right side of the L key.

6. Once you've filled out the title and description tap Save.

7. Now on that page, there should be the title name you've just created besides the Folder icon. This will indicate that you've successfully added the track to the folder. 

8. Now tap on the Hema H Logo to go back to your tracks list and do the same thing with the other tracks.

9. However now that you've made a folder, when adding a new corrupted track to a folder again, this time tap on Existing instead of New and just select the folder you've just made. 

10. Once all the corrupted tracks are in the new folder. Tap on the three white lines on the top left and tap on Folders.

12. Then tap on the folder that was just made, scroll all the way down.

You should see a list of all the tracks that have been added to the folder.

Tap on the DELETE button and tap on OK and OK.


You have now successfully deleted your corrupted track. Give your unit a quick reboot and try to sync the unit again. (Explore > Three lines > Settings > Last Sync)

Password Change

There could be an instance where there's an issue with your account login. 

So if you change your password and re-sign in and try to sync it again, it might do the trick.

To reset your password, click here.

Once you've changed your password, follow the instructions below:

1. Tap on the Settings button.

2. Scroll down and tap on Quick Start.

3. Swipe over 4 times and on the left side, fill out your new password and tap on "Sign in to my account."

4. Once you've successfully logged in, tap on "Let's Go!"

5. Restart your unit by holding on the power button and tap on "Reboot".

6. Once it's up and running, follow the Explore section again and see how that goes.

Account Storage Limit


There is a limit on how much data can be stored on a single Cloud account. Unfortunately, you're unable to see the limit on the website at the moment.


If you've tried everything in this article and you're still unable to sync your HX-1 to the cloud. Then it's most likely that you have too much data in your account taken up by Tracks, Routes, Waypoints and Folders.

You could try clearing out some old Tracks, Routes, Waypoints or Folders to see if that helps.


Otherwise, the only other option to go from here, is to simply make a new account. (free)

With your second account, you'll be able to keep on making more Tracks, Routes, Waypoints and Folders. 

Just remember to write down your log in details of your original account, so that you can always come back and view your old information on either the HX-1 or the cloud.